Philippe GUEGUEN is a junior research scientist at the LGIT Grenoble (an Earth Science laboratory) and at LCPC (a civil engineering lab). After a Geotechnical Engineer diploma from the Polytech School of Grenoble and a two years stage at the National Polytechnical School (EPN) of Quito (in the framework of cooperation between the Research Institute for Development IRD and the EPN), he got a PhD in Geophysics at the Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble. Since then, he has been working mainly as a researcher in engineering seismology and earthquake engineering. His research is related with seismic vulnerability and strong ground motion, with a special emphasis on the effects of buildings on the free-field ground motion and geotechnical site effects related with near-surface heterogeneities. A member of the French Association of Earthquake Engineering, he is the Director of the French Accelerometric Network (RAP) and participates to various national and European projects.