İhsan Engin BAL is an Assistant Professor of Earthquake Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. He holds his Diploma in Civil Engineering from Karadeniz Technical University of Turkey (2000) and his MSc degree in earthquake engineering from Istanbul Technical University (2005). Dr. Bal earned his PhD degree in Earthquake Engineering from the ROSE School, University of Pavia in 2008. His research interests include seismic design, advanced nonlinear modelling of structures, urban loss assessment, seismic hazard assessment, assessment and strengthening of existing structures, and seismic response of historical masonry buildings. He has been involved in research projects in Greece, Italy and Turkey. He is the head of the Strong Ground Motion Laboratory at Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Institute of ITU.

His recent publications:

Toprak A. E, Bal İ. E., and Gülay F. G. (2015), "Review on the macro-modeling alternatives and a proposal for modeling coupling beams in tall buildings", Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, DOI 10.1007/s10518-014-9720-z. 

Smyrou, E., Tasiopoulou, P., Bal I. E., and Gazetas, G. (2011) “Ground Motions Versus Geotechnical and Structural Damage in the Christchurch February 2011 Earthquake”, Seismological Research Letters, 82(6), pp 882-892. 

Tezcan S. S., Bal I. E., and Gülay G., (2011), “P25 scoring method for the collapse vulnerability assessment of R/C buildings”, Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, 34(6), pp. 769-781.

Bal, I.E., Bommer, J.J., Stafford, P.J., Crowley, H., and Pinho, R. (2010) “The Influence of Geographical Resolution of Urban Exposure Data in an Earthquake Loss Assessment Model”, Earthquake Spectra, 26(3), pp. 619-634. 

Bal, I. E., Crowley, H., and Pinho, R. (2008) “Displacement-Based Earthquake Loss Assessment for an Earthquake Scenario in Istanbul”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 12(1), pp.12-22. 

Gülay F.G., Bal, I. E., and Gökçe, T. (2008) “Correlation Between Detailed and Preliminary Assessment Techniques in the Light of Real Damage States”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Volume 12(1), pp.129-139.

Strasser, F.O., Bommer, J.J., Şeşetyan, K., Erdik, M., Çağnan, Z., Irizarry, J., Goula, X., Lucantoni, A., Sabetta, F., Bal, İ. E., Crowley, H., and Lindholm, C. (2008) “A Comparative Study of European Earthquake Loss Estimation Tools for a Scenario in İstanbul”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, , Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 12(1), pp.246-256.

Bal, I. E., Crowley, H., Pinho, R., and Gulay, G. (2008) “Detailed Assessment of Structural Characteristics of Turkish RC Building Stock in Northern Marmara Region for Loss Assessment Models”, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 28(10-11), 914-932. 

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