Eleni Smyrou is an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. She holds her Diploma in Civil Engineering from National Technical University of Athens and her MSc and PhD degrees in Earthquake Engineering from the ROSE School, University of Pavia. Her research interests include seismic design, advanced nonlinear modelling and assessment of RC and masonry structures, displacement-based design methods, structural analysis of historical structures and tall buildings. She has been involved in research projects in Greece, USA, Italy and Turkey, while she has authored several publications.

Recent Publications

Smyrou, E., Sullivan, T.J., Priestley, M.J.N. and Calvi, G.M. (2013) “Sectional Response of T-shaped RC Walls”, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Vol.11, No.4. 

Spyrakos, C.C., Maniatakis, Ch. A., Smyrou, E. and Psycharis, I.N. (2012) “FRP Strengthened Brick-Infilled RC Frames: An Approach for their Proper Consideration in Design”, The Open Construction & Building Technology Journal, Special Issue on Advances in Infilled Framed Structures: Experimental & Modelling Aspects, Vol.6, Suppl 1-M19

Smyrou, E., Tasiopoulou, P., Bal, I.E. and Gazetas, G. (2011) “Ground Motions Versus Geotechnical and Structural Damage in the Christchurch February 2011 Earthquake,” Seismological Research Letters, Focused Issue on Christchurch Earthquake, Invited paper, Vol.82, No. 6.

Smyrou, E., Priestley, M.J.N. and Carr, A.J. (2011) “Modelling of Elastic Damping in Nonlinear Time-history Analyses of Cantilever RC Walls”, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 9, No.5. 

Smyrou, E., Blandon-Uribe, C., Antoniou, S., Pinho, R. and Crisafulli, F. (2011) “Implementation and Verification of a Masonry Panel Model for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Infilled RC Frames,” Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Vol.9, No.5. 

Asteris, P.G, Kakaletsis, D.J, Chrysostomou, C.Z. and Smyrou, E. (2011) “Failure Modes of Infilled Frames,” Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering (EJSE), Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Melbourne, Vol.11.