Insurance Scheme

All students, both European and non-European, need to be adequately insured against accident, injury and ill-health while participating in an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course outside their home country. Personal medical cover is required in most European countries, even those which have a public health system. You may also want to consider travel insurance, which protects you, your travel documents and your belongings while you are away from home.

MEEES Insurance Scheme

The MEEES programme offers special cover to its scholarship students at no extra cost.

All students selected for a MEEES scholarship automatically receive free medical insurance cover. This covers their unexpected medical expenses in the European countries they visit during their Masters Course. It also provides accident cover and protects them against some costs arising from civil liabilities (a kind of third-party insurance which is required in many European countries).

This medical coverage also applies during periods of travel during the MEEES Masters course. The insurers will also provide you with assistance if you lose your passport, tickets or other travel documents. However, it is not a comprehensive travel insurance. If students wish to be covered for eventualities such as the loss or theft of money, personal belongings and items of value, or for the unexpected costs caused by travel delays, they are advised to take out additional cover with a private insurer.

The exact details of the insurance scheme will be provided to accepted students two months before beginning of the courses.