Seismic Design of Steel Structures

IUSS Pavia
EE - Earthquake Engineering
Fall 2018
Date (from - to):
02/09/2018 – 31/01/2019

Plastic Mechanism Analysis: virtual work; collapse mechanism; lower-bound theorem; upper-bound theorem. Direct Analysis Method of Design: second-order effects, geometric imperfections and notational loads, stiffness reduction due to inelasticity. Seismic Steel Design Philosophy: ductility design, capacity design, force-based vs. displacement-based design. Special Moment Frame Design: cyclic behavior of beam, column, and panel zone; drift limits; connection performance in past earthquakes; moment connection design; capacity design. Special Centrically Braced Frame Design: cyclic behavior of diagonal braces; performance in past earthquakes; effect of frame action; brace connection design. Eccentrically Braced Frame Design: cyclic behavior of links; performance in past earthquakes; capacity design of beams, columns, and braces. Buckling-restrained Braced Frame Design: concept and types of of buckling-restrained braces (BRB); cyclic performance of BRB, design considerations.