Soil Dynamics and Nonlinear Site Response Analysis

University of Grenoble Alpes
EE/ES - Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology
Fall 2015
Date (from - to):
01/09/2015 – 29/01/2016

1st lecture (2h): Resume of fundamental concepts
Soil behaviour under earthquake loading: Fundamentals of soil behaviour under cyclic and dynamic loading. Basic mechanical models. Non-linear stiffness, damping, cyclic strength, liquefaction.

2nd lecture (2+2h): geotechnical characterisation
Techniques and examples of characterization of layered soils by in situ tests: borehole and surface methods. Techniques and examples of results of laboratory tests: cyclic triaxial, simple shear, torsional shear, resonant column. Factors influencing stiffness and damping. Linear equivalent models for dynamic analyses.

3rd lecture (2+2h):
Liquefaction: Case histories of liquefaction worldwide; Evaluation of liquefaction potential by empirical to analytical methods. Zonation for liquefaction.

4rd lecture (2+2h):
Slope stability: Case histories of slope failures worldwide; Analysis: pseudo-static methods, displacement analysis, advanced analyses. Examples of seismic analysis of natural slopes, earth dams and embankments. Zonation of slope stability.

5th lecture (2+2h):
Tutorials (with laptop): 1D site response analysis and assessment of liquefaction potential. Slope displacements by simplified dynamic analysis.


Assessment (final test): discussion on the results of the tutorials.